Chris Haverkamp, CEO of Paragon Speaks with Student Fellows

By Carragan Lynn and Hannah Wilborn

On February 23rd, The CRMER Fellows had the privilege of listening to the CEO of Paragon Ag Advisors, Chris Haverkamp, speak.  Paragon Ag Advisors is a commodity brokerage firm with its headquarters located in the heart of Kansas and additional offices throughout the Midwest.  Seeing as Chris is native to a farming community in Northeast Kansas and is a graduate from Kansas State University, we had an easy time relating to one another.  Our conversation allowed us to not only gain insight into the formation of Paragon, but also understand how Chris discovered his passion for trading.  Through Chris’s story we learned that some success stories can have a rocky start.  However, his rough start in the business world did not stop him from continuing to work hard until he was in a place that allowed him to do what he loved with purpose and integrity.


Haverkamp took the time to talk to one Fellow in each academic major within the group and discuss how our abilities could be used in a company like Paragon.  He gave us an inside look at how a brokerage firm like theirs deals with risk every single day.  As we approached the end of our conversation with Mr. Haverkamp, he made sure to leave us with a statement imprinted in our minds: “communication is key.”  As we get to hear Chris Haverkamp and other important business men and women speak, the incredible importance of communication becomes more evident.



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