CRMER Student Fellows Visit Gavilon, LLC

                Gavilon Visit

The Center for Risk Management Education and Research (CRMER) student fellows visited Gavilon, LLC in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, September 5, 2014.  Gavilon is a founding partner of CRMER and has continually offered their support from the beginning.

Ed Prosser, a CRMER advisory council member and Vice President of Agricultural Trading at Gavilon welcomed the student fellows to their new facility.  Ankush Bhandari, Director of Economic Research at Gavilon, joined Prosser for a presentation entitled “Emerging Trends in Agriculture and Energy.”  They set the stage for the day by providing student fellows with the basics of what factors affect supply and demand.  Much of the discussion was centered on increasing world populations and income as well as government policies that affect bio-fuel and energy prices.  Prosser emphasized that demand is easier to forecast than supply and that higher grain prices in the recent years have shifted the acreages among crops.  Bhandari provided the student fellows with statistics that illustrated the current world economic situation. 

The Gavilon Risk Management Team followed with a discussion addressing Gavilon’s risk preferences and how they analyze the company’s position in the market.  Robert Wagner, the Chief Risk Officer at Gavilon, and his team educated the student fellows on the statistical formulas and software they use to ensure the company will be able to withstand worse-case scenarios. 

Ed Prosser emphasized that the main job of a trader is to make sure he or she is in business tomorrow.  That is an excellent point for the student fellows to keep in mind as they move into their future careers.

At the end of the afternoon, Jill Shedek, Associate Talent Resource Manager at Gavilon, informed the student fellows on career opportunities for upcoming graduates.  The student fellows look forward to working with Gavilon, LLC in the future and thank them for their continued support.  Companies like these allow students to broaden their horizons and become better prepared for their future careers. 

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