Student Fellows Met the CRMER’s Advisory Council

This past Friday April 4th, the risk fellows had the great and unique opportunity to meet with the Center for Risk Management Education & Research Advisory Council and University staff while they met for their board meeting. The risk fellows participated in the meeting by sharing their background, upcoming internship and summer opportunities and their diverse motivations that interested them in the center. During the discussions we had the opportunity to share our thoughts about economic risk management that we have learned about throughout the semester from our industry visits, conferences, and meetings. We also joined the Advisory Council for an informal lunch where we were able to further our discussions on our career paths and receive advice on our professional life. We learned about the importance of engagement and the motivation to never stop learning. As CRMER student fellows, we appreciated the opportunity to spend time and learn from the advisors on the board. It is always exciting to learn of the infinite opportunities of being student fellows in the center. More than ever, we are looking forward to the great experiences the CRMER is providing us.

Student fellows met the CRMER's Advisory Council on April 4th, 2014

Student fellows met the CRMER’s Advisory Council on April 4th, 2014

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