Vice president of Gavilon Grain visits with Student Fellows

September 4, 2013 – Greg Konsor, vice president of Gavilon Grain, LLC, met with the Center for Risk Management Education and Research (CRMER) Student Fellows August 30. Konsor also guest lectured for our Agribusiness Logistics course.

In addition to enjoying lunch with the Fellows, Konsor discussed “Ethics and Risk Management” where he highlighted the process Gavilon follows in managing their risks. He emphasized that risk provides immense opportunity, so it is something Gavilon thrives upon with proper management.

In his presentation, Konsor emphasized the importance of ethical behavior and adherence to a disciplined approach in managing risk in today’s complex global market environment. He also illustrated several recent cases where risk management principles were violated and resulted in catastrophic outcomes.

Gavilon is an Executive Founding Partner of the CRMER and they have been instrumental in providing educational opportunities as well as generous financial support for the Center.


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